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Basic Desktop Publishing Defined

 The Print Shop is a basic desktop publishing software package developed in 1984 by the Pixellite Group and published by Brøderbund Software. It was unique in that it provided libraries of clip-art and templates through a simple interface to build signs, posters and banners with household dot-matrix printers.

The Print Shop became very popular. In 1985 it and Ghostbusters were reportedly the two most widely pirated Commodore 64 programs. In 1988 Brøderbund announced that the company had sold more than one million copies, and that sales of the software comprised 4% of the entire United States software market in 1987. The series comprised 29% of Brøderbund revenue in fiscal year 1992.

The move to vector technology


1992. As CPUs got faster and printers got better, The Pixellite Group left Broderbund and released Instant Artist with Adobe. The next 8 years saw rapid growth and a move away from DOS to Windows. Eventually Print Artist displaced The Print Shop as the market leader in personal desktop publishing.